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The Dog that became a Hippo

In my post ‘Back to work mummy: creative days‘ I wrote about my recent discovery (and new-found giddy-in-love affair with) needle-felting.  Well, I’m pleased to report the adventure continues, despite some obstacles in the form of full-on working days and sleepless-baby nights. Now I first bought some felting equipment back in 2012.  April 2012 to… Continue reading The Dog that became a Hippo

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Appreciate: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

appreciate [uh–pree-shee-eyt] verb [with obj] 1 a moment in time when you recognise how fortunate you are I appreciate all that you do, even though I may not show it 2 a reaction to blessings in life I appreciate that without you, my life would be incomplete 3 easily over-looked in times a stress I appreciate… Continue reading Appreciate: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

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An Uncomfy Cushion and a Stunning Dress

I appear to be collecting peacocks.  To my mind they have this other-world-like quality, as if they belong in the realm of fantasy and make-believe (I have similar feelings about Kingfishers and Hot Air Balloons). I captured these fellows from some tiles on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (an amazing place to visit… Continue reading An Uncomfy Cushion and a Stunning Dress