Doodle a Day

A Doodle a Day

“Draw every day. Even if it’s just a doodle on your lunch break, or a five-minute sketch before bed, draw. There’s no substitute — if you want to get better, you have to draw more and more”. Rob Turpin

I am inspired!  This quote has got me fired up for a new ‘New Year’ challenge.  Last year I decided to:

  1. Learn jazz piano
  2. Wear more hats

I succeeded at one of those…

Me in my lovely purple hat (jazz piano will have to roll over for another year).

So this year, I’m setting myself the challenge of drawing something every day.  Anything;

  • any subject
  • any medium
  • any size

Anything, just draw or sketch or doodle every day.  It can only help in keeping those creative juices flowing!

Now, as the mother of a new baby (9 weeks at the time of writing) I may have to be realistic about how well I’ll stick to this challenge (after all, there have been days where I have consistently failed to clean my teeth over recent weeks).  So I’ll approach this as an aspiration, as opposed to a resolution, and will post updates on any I feel are worth sharing.

So, as its the very first day of 2016, here’s my doodle for today…

img011 (2)
Sketch of one of the decorations I bought last year as a keepsake for my daughter’s first Christmas

Happy New Year everyone, warmest wishes for a wonderful 2016.

And if you fancy some fantastical inspiration, check out Rob Turpin’s blog This Northern Boy

Photo credit: Mami Long Legs via / CC BY-NC-SA

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6 thoughts on “A Doodle a Day

  1. Lovely. Good luck with your challange. A drawing a day is something I always intend to do but always fail. I have not committed to doing it this year 🙂


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