Bloomin’ Marvelous: craft tutorial


Crochet flowers make gorgeous additions to anything…applique onto a bag or scarf, add a pin to make a brooch, dip in a stiffening solution (eg. glue and water) to make a coaster…the list goes on. I added one to pretty-up this hat I made for my daughter:


There are tonnes of variations you can do once you have an idea of how to construct a crochet flower. Here’s a simple version to get you started, using only chain stitch and slip stitch…

1. Make 5 chains
2. Slip stitch to form a circle
3. Make 4 chains
4. Slip stitch into the middle of the circle (this forms a tiny petal)
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have five petals
6.Make 4 chains
7.Slip stitch into the top of the petal that is to your left
8. Make 4 chains
9. Slip stitch to the base of the same petal (you have now created two small petals)
10. Repeat steps 6-9 until you have 10 small petals in total
11. Slip stitch into the two stitches to your left – this will ‘take’ your hook to the top of the petal
12. Make 4 chains
13. Slip stitch into the top of the petal on your left (you have just made another petal)
14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until you have made 9 petals in total
15. Finish off and tidy up any loose ends

You can repeat these stages as many times as you like, creating flowers of all sizes. Its a great use of left over wool, and takes very little time to make each one, so you can have a bouquet within the hour!

Have fun, and feel free to share anything you create…

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Photo credit: me!

Music credit: my lovely husband



3 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Marvelous: craft tutorial

  1. You make it look so elegant! I’m hopeless at stitching. I did tried it years ago and I can never understand how to hook. Love your step by step! Thank you for sharing it with us #pintorials


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