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Paint: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

A memory that is not my own

From a time long ago

Where no words are spoken

Yet a story is told

By the master, the creator

Of a world

Where the truth is bound in colours

A thousands different hues

Capturing light and shade

And life and death

In a moment of imagination

That no one can ever see

Beyond the work of the artist.

His palette is his voice

And his choice

Of colour, light and shade

Tell a story without words

Create a scene without a play

Cobalts and Cadmiums

Burnt Sienna and Vermillion

Pigments capture figments of the imagination

And yet I am transported


The Battle of Towton by Graham Turner

Joyfully linking up with ‘The Prompt‘; a source of inspiration for the written word


and ‘Prose for Thought’ ; a linky for original poetry and prose

Prose for Thought

Photo credit: Lorrie McClanahan via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND


10 thoughts on “Paint: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

  1. This is beautiful – what a wonderful way of describing how a painting can transport you into another time and evoke a “memory that is not [your] own” without words, using colours and an artist’s palette as a voice.


  2. Wonderful description of the power of art. I particularly like the last six lines – the story without words and scene without a play… great- so evocative. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog – it really made me smile. I’ll be back to your blog again soon. xx


  3. This is amazing, such vivid and evocative words. I particularly love the lines ‘Where the truth is bound in colours’ and ‘Pigments capture figments of the imagination’. Really wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt


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