Doodle a Day

What kind of superhero would you be?



1/ being a sucker for those ‘first edition only 99p’ type magazines


2/ having set myself a New Year challenge to create a ‘doodle a day‘,

I was somewhat drawn to the ‘Draw the Marvel Way’ series recently released here in the UK…


So I thought I’d share my doodle for today; my own attempt at Spiderman (please bear in mind that this was partially done whilst holding a sleeping baby, as are most things in life right now)…

My inner nerd was loving this!

It got me thinking, as drawing often does. Every superhero with any kind of power of note will always face the dilemma of whether to use their power for good or for evil.

And it occurred to me, you could argue that we all have the power to achieve our dreams in equal measure as the power to prevent them coming true. Yet most of us decide to opt for the latter, due to unhelpful stuff like….

  • procrastination
  • fear of failure and self-doubt
  • or giving in to a multitude of barriers (often of our own making)

And so this unique and wonderful power we posses is used to our own detriment.

Over recent weeks I’ve read so many blog posts attesting to goals, ambitions and dreams for 2016. At a time of fresh starts and new plans, its good to stop and remember the potential you have to be and to do and to live and to achieve in whichever way you chose.

So chose to use your power for good dear reader, for your own good and well-being (as I know that’s what so many of your goals are focused on). Keep up that great work, and I wish you all the very best in achieving all you have set out for yourselves this year.

How are those resolutions going? I’ve been so interested to hear everyone’s plans and aspirations, it would be great to get an update…

Happy to be linking up with:

Super Busy MUm

You Baby Me Mummy

A Cornish Mum

Photo credit: Mike Lacroix via Visual hunt / CC BY


7 thoughts on “What kind of superhero would you be?

  1. The superhero I think I would be is Wonder Women as a strong independent woman. The only resolutions I made was to stress/worry less and I’m trying my hardest but not easy with 2 girls though! #PicknMix


  2. Love that you rock at drawing Marvel comics while holding a baby in the other hand. That’s just AWESOME! As far as what superhero I would be … according to my daughter, I have “the power of big toes.” You might have to create a new superhero for that one, lol! -Elle C. Mayberry


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