one word photo challenge

Colour Your World: Desert Sand

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Jennifer Nicole Wells’ blog hosts a daily ‘One Word Photo Challenge’. Until April, the challenge at the present time is based around a different Crayola colour each day. You are invited to enter photos, drawings, quotes, stories…basically anything that is to do with the Crayola colour of the day. Which to my mind is a fun and creative challenge to be a part of. So I thought I’d ‘dip in’ from time to time – usually capturing images whilst out and about on a walk with my daughter (who is only a few months old, so her support on this particular activity is moral rather than practical).

Today the color is ‘desert sand’…


And the photo I took to capture this…


Highly recommend you give this a go! Its a lovely way to keep those sparks of creativity active, and can help you to see the world in new and unusual ways.




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