Cute Baby Beanie: Book Review

My beautiful baby girl looking very Downton Abbey in this homemade hat

I made this hat towards the end of my pregnancy, and at last my daughter is big enough to wear it (just about!)

The pattern came from this fabulous little book…


A collection of ten cosy knits for babies by Sarah Hatton. Now I do enjoy a bit of knitting of an evening, but I like to keep my projects on the small side as I’m too easily distracted by a new something-or-other I want to make. So these patterns are perfect for me, being sweet and simple; easy to follow and a pleasure to make.

Patterns include hats, jumpers, blankets and booties, suitable for age-ranges from 0-3 months through to 18 months. All using a variety of Rowan wool (always lovely stuff to knit with). There’s something just a bit different and lovely about these patterns – to my eyes they have a traditional quality without looking old-fashioned. Here’s a lush little frilly cardigan which I’m itching to make:


So if you have little people that you enjoy making for, or if a knitter you know is expecting a baby, this is a great little book to have.

And I’d love to know what you think of my gorgeous girl in her gorgeous hat…must confess to feeling proud of both.

(P.S The little crochet flower is my own addition, you can find out how to make it here)

Disclaimer: No affiliations, sponsorship or money changing hands on this review, just a new mum sharing a new make for the love of it).

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16 thoughts on “Cute Baby Beanie: Book Review

  1. That’s gorgeous she looks lovely! I love the look of that little cardigan too, I was never good enough at knitting to make things for my babies but my Mum made them some sweet little things. Thank you for linking up to #craftingismytherapy!


    1. Thank you! We’ve been given quite a few nice knitting bits and bobs from various people, which is really lovely – and just as well as I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to knit again at the moment, 3 month-old keeping me very busy!! #craftingismytherapy is a fab linky 🙂


  2. I adore these too. I was really lucky when my daughter was born, we were given lots of hand knitted cardies and hats. They look so cute wearing them don’t they? Thank you for taking part in the first “Crafting is my Therapy” linky…hope to see you next month!


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