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Fun: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

He held a broken button

And told me it was gold

Put it in his pocket

Kept it safe

From the thiefs and the robbers

The happy, joyful thiefs

The excited, giggling robbbers

And so the chase began

The thrilling, gleeful chase.


They gathered up the flowers

Growing in the hedge

Wrapped them up with ribbon

A bouquet

For the brides and the bridesmaids

The happy, joyful brides

The excited, giggling bridesmaids

And so the day wore on

The sunny, happy day.


We told a hundred stories

And lived a hundred lives

Whatever was demanded

By the game

With the fun and the freedom

Of flying, falling, spinning,

Galloping, laughing, singing

And so the memories live on

Of blissful, care-free days.

Delighted to be linking up with ‘The Prompt‘; a source of inspiration for the written word


and ‘Prose for Thought’ ; a linky for original poetry and prose

Prose for Thought

Photo credit: Jitabebe via / CC BY


12 thoughts on “Fun: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

  1. This is totally beautiful. It brought back memories of a gorgeous summer day that Grace and I spent at Savill Gardens in Surrey pretending to be fairies on horseback. Thank you. And thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx


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