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Finding my Bliss

After a ‘prefect storm’ with my four month old of teething, growth spurt and fever from booster jabs, it’s been a bit of a crazy time. So I’ve not done a lot of writing in recent weeks. Or creating or crafting of any kind (or sleeping…or doing much beyond merely functioning come to think of it). But we’ve emerged this week with a contented baby once again (I do love to see that cheeky smile), and I’ve realised something – I need to find my bliss. Not that a small and lovely baby isn’t the most wonderful thing in the world – and as Mother’s Day approaches I feel a little overwhelmed at the fact that, for the first time ever this day is also for me…at last I’m a mum! And yet, devotion to a small and beautiful baby aside, well it surprises me to admit I’m craving a bit of ‘me’ time too.

Is that wrong?

I hope not, because here I am with a coffee and a bit of cake in the lovely Calke Abbey café (my haven, my sanctuary!), whilst my fabulous husband has taken our little girl for a walk around the grounds. And I feel a level of relaxation not experienced since the moments before that first contraction. My husband is out and about doing what he finds most relaxing in taking a walk and being at one with nature. My baby girl is snuggled up fast asleep with him. And I’m enjoying the simple pleasure of brew and cake knowing she is safe and sound with her dad. And all feels right with the world again.

Simple pleasures

And where relaxation exists, creativity soon follows. The café here always has jam jars full of flowers freshly cut from the grounds at Calke – it’s one of those lovely touches that makes this place so special. So my doodle for the day (again something that has been sadly neglected over recent weeks) is a sketch of the flowers on my table.

Quick sketch…before my pen ran out!

Coffee, cake and creating…what a blissful hour.


  1. If you’re ever in South Derbyshire I highly recommend a trip to Calke Abby, it’s a lovely place with amazing grounds
  2. If you’re feeling a bit frazzled with life, try to find even a small amount of time to do something for yourself, it’s SO beneficial for you, and in turn for those around you
  3. If you are a mum – wow, you are doing an amazing job. I never fully appreciated just how hard this could be. Mother’s Day is a most worthwhile celebration, because Motherhood is a tough gig…rewarding, mind-blowingly special, but most definitely tough.

And to my own mum…thank you, thank you, thank you. I never fully realised until now just what you have done, and continue to do for me. Here’s a gift from me to you, to remind you always how special you are…

A gift I made for my mum #sewingismytherapy

Where do you find your bliss in life? Making, creating and crafting brings me so much pleasure (especially if it is accompanied with tea and cake). Would love to know what helps you relax and unwind.

Delighted to be linking up once again with:

You Baby Me Mummy
Me You and Magoo
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13 thoughts on “Finding my Bliss

  1. I completely understand what you are saying. Motherhood is intense and a shock to the system…finding time for yourself goes out the window. I think you tend to appreciate the little things more, a cup of tea (drunk whilst still warm), time to have a soak in the bath or grabbing a chance to craft something. I remember I didn’t have the energy to read my own book at bedtime until my daughter was one year old! Thanks again for linking up with Crafting is my Therapy with your lovely handmade Mother’s Day gift.


    1. Thank you! I’m lucky to have a husband that is able and willing to give me the time to do these things, it really helps a lot. And a warm cup of tea, what luxury! Hope the linky is going well 🙂


  2. You time is so important. You can get so lost in your identity as a mother that the rest of you gets forgotten. Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. We have just moved to derbyshire. Will check out Calke Abbey 😀


  3. Creating and crafting definitely helps me to relax along with the satisfaction of making something pretty. I’m glad that your baby is going through a more settled patch now, it makes things so much easier! Although it took me quite a while to find much time for crafting when mine were so little, it’s only now that they are at school that I’ve managed to really get on with some of my own longer term projects, the last few years have been mainly messy crafting with the children! Thank you for linking up to #craftingismytherapy 🙂

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    1. I know, its crazy how difficult it is to find to clean my teeth, let alone anything else! Can’t wait until my little one is big enough to do some crafting together…paint on the carpet here we come!


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