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Silver: a poem for my mum

The little silver charm

You gave me when I was five

Was the perfect gift.

A tiny ballerina

Dancing on a silver chain

For a small ballerina

Dancing her first steps.

And many years later

That little silver charm

Reminds me of everything

You have given me

Before, after, since.

Sleepless nights and caring words,

Bedtime stories and knitted toys.

Sofa-dens and tea-sets,

Birthday treats and toy pets

Many, small and thoughtful things

Gifts and treasures and memories

That I may have never truly noticed

Or realised or acknowledged

Until now.

So I wear my little silver charm

And am reminded.

For all these things

Thank you.

A thousand times

Thank you.

Pleased to be linking up with ‘The Prompt‘; a source of inspiration for the written word



Photo credit: :: ADELINE :: via / CC BY-NC


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