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For the Love of Buttons

I once worked with someone who had a phobia of buttons (apparently the official name of which is Koumpounophobia). It came up whilst we were semi-submerged in a pile of them as part of a team building exercise (true story).

Anyway, I felt kind of bad for her, because I just love them. And when you think about it, buttons are a fairly prevalent commodity in society, so that can’t be an easy phobia to live with.

I don’t think I’m alone, given the many button-related crafty bits and bobs that can be found everywhere at the moment. What is it about a button that we love? Or loath come to think of that?

Cute, colourful, funky, useful little discs that were treasures of our childhood and seem to sum up beautifully all that is home-spun and shabbychic (how many of you have bought a pair of pants because of the cute little button detail…or is that just me?!)

But Koumpounophobia draws our attention to the darker side of the humble button – stitched on soulless eyes, pock-like connotations and early-childhood choking traumas . Scary stuff really.

No, for me, buttons elicit a bizzare kind of joy that really doesn’t make sense. Now I come to think about it, fearing them is probably grounded in more logic. We talk about irrational fears, but really our joys in life are possibly more unhinged.

So, in celebration of this particular irrational joy of mine, I’ve done some scrolling of the www, and have created a lovely new Pinterest Board here capturing cool and quirky button-related beauties.

And I created this lovely Etsy Treasury full of button-related products (for anyone who doesn’t know, Etsy Treasuries enable you to curate collections of items that you love. Its a way of supporting other sellers to raise the profile of their shop, and is a very addictive and joyful way to pass some time…recommend you give it a go when you have a spare minute or two):

‘I LOVE BUTTONS’ by amylovestosew

What is it about buttons that makes me so happy?

Wooden Bird Shaped Buttons -…


Fabric Flower Brooch in Blue…


Apple Slice Earrings


Offset heart shaped wooden b…


Vintage green bird inspired …


Boho Clutch Bag – bridesmaid…


Button Initial | New Baby | …


Purple Heart Ring, Heart Rin…


Alternative wedding bouquet,…


Button Earrings ~ Scissor Pr…


Handmade flowers “plant…


Baby Boots, blue baby bootie…


Orange Fox Button Art – Anim…


Flower Brooch – Tangerine Or…


BABY GIRL HAT red girls hat …


Round wooden buttons with st…


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I’m left inspired to make something buttony. I started making this peacock cushion cover a while back with the intention of bestowing lots of buttons on it – time I think it was finished! Watch this space, will let you know when its done…


What are your irrational joys in life?

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Photo credit: PABaileyYork Photos via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA


7 thoughts on “For the Love of Buttons

  1. I love buttons too! I have a big tin of plain buttons, then my coloured and pretty buttons are sorted by colour in clear stacking containers next to my desk. My daughter loves getting them out to play with and I join in, we make pictures from them and hoard our favourites. I love the treasury you’ve put together, those wooden bird buttons are wonderful! Thank you for linking this post to #craftingismytherapy

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    1. That sounds amazing! I would love a collection like that – appeals to my love of buttons as well as my need to keep life organised (my husband cannot understand why we have so many baskets in the house, I’ve tried explaining that if it isn’t in a box or basket it makes me feel uneasy!!) Buttons are so magical, what a lovely way to spend time with your daughter 🙂


  2. I love buttons too. Some of my earliest memories involve tipping out my Mum’s button tin & searching through the plastic discs to find my favourites. I love vintage buttons and have loads of them…too many to use really. I have never heard of button-phobia. But after seeing the Coraline film a couple of years, I can see the sinister side of them too. My daughter still talks about ‘spooky button eyes’ after watching that film!
    Thank you for linking up with #craftingismytherapy

    Liked by 1 person

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