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Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’


Jump right in.

Immerse yourself in all and everything

This experience has to offer.

Every stumble, every mistake

Every chance, every great and wonderful thing

That may await.

Or don’t.

Stand and stay

And watch and wait

And say ‘what if?’

Staying keeps you safe

But what is safe?

A safe…

Reliable and secure,

Yet closed and shut away

If you stand and stay

And watch and wait

And say ‘what if?’

What if failure?

What if fault?

What if success?

What if joy

And happiness and all you dare to dream?

Because it might

Not work

But it might

Take flight

And it takes might

A mighty effort

To jump.

To stay is certain

To jump a risk

But a risk worth taking?

A risk worth taking.

So jump

Jump right in.

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10 thoughts on “Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’

  1. I love this Amy – so much truth and I love the structure. I’ve just taken a jump with starting the #THISislearning campaign – am not really an outspoken activist type so feel out of my comfort zone! – so this poem actually felt really reassuring to me too!

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