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Two Cats and a Sleepy Mummy

I remember being amazed when I first saw the blue-tac version of ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’, whereby Peter and Paul actually disappear and come back again. Admittedly I was in a pub at University at the time, but it was still a magical experience.

So when this bundle of goodies arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of the fabulous linky #craftingismytherapy (and a massive thank you to Jennifer’s Little World and Me, You and Magoo, I was so delighted to be in receipt of this giveaway…)


I decided I needed to make a little something straight away. And these two pieces of felt caught my eye, and made me think of our cats…


You see, we have a lovely tabby cat called Brunel (the full Isambard Kingdom is reserved for formal occasions, generally we just call him Boo Boo). He’s a greyish kind of colour.


And we have a lovely tortie/tabby called Molly Sparkles (whose many and varied nicknames include Molly von Poo-Bottom the Duchess of Marmalade, following an unfortunate incident involving the cat litter). Molly is a kind of orangey colour.


So an idea formed to create my own little finger puppets to go with my very own version of two little dickie birds.

Step one, draft a pattern

Step two, cut out the pieces


Step three, embroider cute little faces


Step four, stitch together


Step five, write the poem…

Two little pussy cats sitting by the well

One called Molly Sparkles, one called Brunel

Run away Molly Sparkles, run away Brunel

Come back Molly Sparkles, come back Brunel

Step six, share with my daughter (6 months at the time of filming)


And a note of apology to the lovely people who have taken the trouble to follow my blog – posts have been few and far between this month due to the joy of teething and the sleepless nights we seem to be experiencing as a result. Hopefully June will be a little easier.

If you have pets, poems, poems about pets, or top tips on handling sleep deprivation and/or teething, feel free to leave a comment (but most especially the last point, any advice on teething MOST WELCOME!)

Happy to be linking up after a bit of an unexpected break with:

Me You and Magoo
You Baby Me Mummy

10 thoughts on “Two Cats and a Sleepy Mummy

  1. I always look forward to your posts! I’m so pleased to see you’ve made something with your crafty prize. One of the best things about becoming a parent is getting the chance to sing all the songs you loved as a child. Thank you for linking up with your lovely finger puppets #craftingismytherapy
    As for teething advice…my daughter’s teeth popped through really early & she always had rosy cheeks. Lots of stuff to chew on is key, ranging from cloth through to natural wood teethers. Also lots of dribble bibs, their necks can get so sore. My friend swore by the ‘sophie giraffe teether’ for her daughter, you can get them in Boots & other places online. I remember those sleepless nights too! Just keep yourself topped up with tea & biscuits. And cake. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the advice, will look into sophie the giraffe, sounds fab! Yes, tea, biscuits and cake are proving a bit of a life-line at the moment, what crazy happy days! Lovely to see #craftingismytherapy growing, its a fab linky x


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