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Alphabet Rag Book – an idea

I first had a go at free machine embroidery last October.  It was the 31st October to be precise – I remember this clearly because 1/ here’s what I came up with…

…and 2/ my contractions started shortly after.  My daughter was born on 2nd November (yep, the 1st Nov 2015 was not an easy day.  This year I’m planning on being in a health spa).  Needless to say, since that very moment I’ve not had a great deal of time to attempt any more.

However, I’m thinking ahead to my daughter’s birthday, and wondered if this would be a good focus for something creative.  I’ve been playing around with ideas, and have come up with an alphabet rag book, made with a variety of different crafty techniques.  I’m thinking:

  • Free machine embroidery
  • Applique
  • Photos printed on fabric
  • And a mixed media-type of approach (ie. a bit of everything)

It’s getting a bit ambitious (the idea stage always is – oh how anything is possible before you actually have to find the time to make it real!)  So this may yet end of being a Christmas present rather than a first birthday gift, we’ll see how I go.  And of course I may not get it finished at all, as is all too often the way when life gets busy and our creative endeavours fall by the wayside (my mum has still yet to finish the cardigan she started knitting for my cousin’s baby, who is now 18).

But I am resolved to give it a go at least, and I’ll keep a note of my progress via my blog as this is a lovely way to keep oneself motivated.

I am however struggling to come up with a picture for the letter N – not what I’d call a tricky letter to work with (not like your Qs or Ys or Xs), but for some reason I’ve got a complete block on that one.  So if you have any thoughts for a baby-friendly image that would lend itself to such a project as this, do let me know!

Pleased to be joining up once again up with these lovely linkys…

Me You and Magoo

7 thoughts on “Alphabet Rag Book – an idea

  1. I love this idea and I hear exactly what you’re saying about projects falling by the wayside. I haven’t managed to sew at all in August because of the Summer holidays. But blogging about your Rag Book will help to keep you motivated as people like to see updates!
    Hmmmm, the letter “N”. What about a ‘nest’ or a ‘necklace’…the nest could be made out of wool with embroidered eggs. The necklace could feature real chain sewn to the fabric, or sequins and bright thread. Although I know you need to be aware of choking hazards and making the book baby-friendly.
    Can’t wait to see what you make and thank you for linking up to August’s “Crafting is my Therapy”

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    1. Its crazy how quickly time goes doesn’t it – I do find #craftingismytherapy fab for giving me a focus each month, keeps me creative even when life gets busy! Thanks for the ‘n’ ideas – gorgeous!


  2. Thank you for sharing your video – I love free machine embroidery but I’m a bit of a nervous sewing machine user, your video has given me more of an idea of how to do it and your pumpkin is lovely! Love the idea of an alphabet rag book, my mum made a tactile fabric book for my children and it’s gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! As for the letter N I love the Nest idea above, I can only think of Numbers or Note, like a musical note!

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    1. Ooo, lovely ‘n’ ideas! I highly recommend giving free machine embroidery a go, its such fun! Top tip, try calico in the embroidery hoop, I found it held its taughtness (is that a word?) better than thiner cotton, which makes it easier to work with. Thanks for hosting #craftingismytherapy, its such a lovely linky 🙂


  3. Id love to get into free hand I got the special foot & tried it once . I’m afraid I’m not really comfortable with the sewing machine , I go through phases with it.

    I like the nest idea mentioned above , maybe use some felt ?


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