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Back to work mummy: creative days

So my maternity leave is coming to an end (eek) and I’m gearing up to my return to work. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job; I work with lovely people (fun), its part time so fits fairly well around my husband’s job (we’re sharing the childcare), I work in the arts sector (vibrant), they are very supportive of homeworking and flexi-time (complete blessing)…the list goes on. I am a lucky lady.

But I’m still having to leave my lovely baby girl, who I’ve not really spent much time away from in the last year (double eek).

So, in an attempt to ease myself into this new phase of life, I’m ‘practising’ spending some time away, whilst my husband gets into the swing of looking after our little one, and basically all three of us can get used to the idea.

Therefore, I recently met up with a friend for a creative day (something we’ve tried to do on and off over the last year or so). Its a chance to take a day out, have a go at something crafty, drink tea, eat cake, and basically have a gorgeous time.

So on this occasion I had a go at needle felting for the first time. Have to say, I loved it!

Now, I did attempt to read some books and check out some on-line tutorials to get an idea of what to do, but having had only a few (broken) hours sleep, my brain wasn’t quite up to that level concentration. So instead I just got stuck in and gave it a go.

Here’s how it went…

I was very drawn to this bright pink felting wool (note the lovely tea and treats supplied by my friend)


I pulled off a strand…


And fashioned it into a sort of heart shape (it was the first thing that came to mind)…


And then started stabbing it with my needles! (I have a holder with seven needles in, seems to speed up the process quite a bit when working with larger shapes).


And the more I did it, the more it took shape…


Until I got it to a stage I was happy with.


I’ve since got myself a single needle and holder from Hawthorne Handmade (a lovely shop, recommended by the fabulous Messy Brunette). This has meant I can do something a bit more detailed, so I’ve used it to add a tiny flower embellishment.


But what to do with a pink felt heart?!  I’m not sure at the moment, I’m thinking perhaps I’ll put it in a box frame…we’ll see. The joy is in the making, the finished product I’m often not too sure what to do with.

I had a lovely, creative day, and have discovered a new hobby which I think I might just become addicted to. And I returned home a more relaxed mummy who could not wait to kiss my baby’s feet!

So, from a felting point of view, if you are an experienced felter, do let me know any top tips because I’m sure I’ll be doing some more some time soon. And as for returning to work, if you have any suggestions to make that less daunting, again I’d love to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “Back to work mummy: creative days

  1. I love your heart! Needle felting is something that I’ve had in mind to try for a long time but have never got around to as I don’t really know where to start, perhaps I need to get on with some videos to watch. I love the idea of a creative day with a friend. Good luck with your return to work! Thank you for linking up to #craftingismytherapy

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  2. This is so sweet, I love your pink heart and the extra detail really compliments it. It’s nice to see the photos of the heart taking shape. I’m fascinated by needle felting & think it’s such an interesting craft to learn.
    Good luck with your return to work, it will feel hard at first, but it sounds like you love your job…so it’s good to keep that side of your life ticking over.
    Thank you for linking up to #craftingismytherapy 💞

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    1. Thank you! There’s something quite satisfying about seeing it all come together. Heading back into the office tomorrow…think I might need to make myself something felty and sweet to sit on my desk!


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