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The Dog that became a Hippo

In my post ‘Back to work mummy: creative days‘ I wrote about my recent discovery (and new-found giddy-in-love affair with) needle-felting.  Well, I’m pleased to report the adventure continues, despite some obstacles in the form of full-on working days and sleepless-baby nights.

Now I first bought some felting equipment back in 2012.  April 2012 to be precise.  I know this, because it was a particular addition of Mollie Makes from that time that caught my fancy, and made me think ‘ooh, I want to make one of those cute little fellas’…


Off to the shops I went, with that familiar glint in my eye and spring in my step when faced with the prospect of a new project, buying up all the bits and bobs needed to give it a go (yay!)

And then failed to do anything with them, as is so often the case (boo).

Well, only 4 years later, I’ve finally found the time (double yay!)

So, these lovely little chappies are ‘Doglets’, designed by  Gretel Parker.

My first attempt didn’t quite hit the mark, the body was a bit too long and seemed to be taking on the appearance of a mouse-like hippo.  So I went with it and created a hippo instead, who I felt really needed a floral headpiece and tutu (naturally)…


And then had a second attempt at my doglet, this time I feel far more successful…


Here they are hanging out together. Fuzzy little fellas I know, but I think they are destined to become the best of friends…


Joyful stuff!  Some much-needed light-relief as I struggle/learn to juggle being back at work after my maternity leave.

I now find myself yearning to make a zebra and a highland cow.

I’ve yet to really find my stride being back at work now I’m a mum – pretty tough to leave my little cutie in the mornings, and if I’m being honest, a challenge to pick up where I left off over a year ago.  So a bit of felt-stabbing at the end of a long day goes down a treat (add in a brew and a bit of cake and I’m away).

If you could make anything out of felt, what would it be?

Linking up with the fabulous #craftingismytherapy (boy does it help me stay creative in these crazy busy days)…

Me You and Magoo
…and Pick’n Mix Fridays because A Cornish Mum is such a lovely blog to link with…
A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “The Dog that became a Hippo

  1. Awwww, they are so cute! Your enthusiasm for needle felting makes me want to have a go. Thank you for your support with the #craftingismytherapy linky over past year. I hope you can stay in touch over on Instagram, feel free to tag as many crafty images as you like with #craftingismytherapy_december 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nicola – will be heading over to Instagram soon, its about time I figured out how to use it! Good luck with everything, its been great linking up over the past year. Have a great Christmas when it gets here x


  2. Oh wow, they are lovely! I’ve never tried needle felting but it’s definitely on the to do list, I’d have to start with something simple. Maybe I’d try a cat! Thanks for linking up to #craftingismytherapy and hope to catch up with you on Instagram!

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