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Appreciate: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

appreciate [uh–pree-shee-eyt] verb [with obj] 1 a moment in time when you recognise how fortunate you are I appreciate all that you do, even though I may not show it 2 a reaction to blessings in life I appreciate that without you, my life would be incomplete 3 easily over-looked in times a stress I appreciate… Continue reading Appreciate: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

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Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’

Jump. Jump right in. Immerse yourself in all and everything This experience has to offer. Every stumble, every mistake Every chance, every great and wonderful thing That may await. Or don’t. Stand and stay And watch and wait And say ‘what if?’ Staying keeps you safe But what is safe? A safe… Reliable and secure,… Continue reading Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’

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Fun: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

He held a broken button And told me it was gold Put it in his pocket Kept it safe From the thiefs and the robbers The happy, joyful thiefs The excited, giggling robbbers And so the chase began The thrilling, gleeful chase. oOo They gathered up the flowers Growing in the hedge Wrapped them up… Continue reading Fun: inspired by ‘The Prompt’

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New: a poem for my daughter

Everything is new for you Beautiful you Every breath, every sight An experience, a delight In a world yet undiscovered Full of promise Full of light and hope and joy Infinite possibilities For a life so new. Everything is new for me Since you, beautiful you Came along Every movement, every sound A wonder, a… Continue reading New: a poem for my daughter