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Colour Your World: Yellow Orange

Jennifer Nicole Wells’ blog hosts a daily ‘One Word Photo Challenge’. Until April, the challenge at the present time is based around a different Crayola colour each day. You are invited to enter photos, drawings, quotes, stories…basically anything that is to do with the Crayola colour of the day. Which to my mind is a… Continue reading Colour Your World: Yellow Orange

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Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’

Jump. Jump right in. Immerse yourself in all and everything This experience has to offer. Every stumble, every mistake Every chance, every great and wonderful thing That may await. Or don’t. Stand and stay And watch and wait And say ‘what if?’ Staying keeps you safe But what is safe? A safe… Reliable and secure,… Continue reading Jump: inspired by ‘the prompt’

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A Magical Train for a Magical Girl

When I worked as a Community Artist (several years ago now) I ran many, many music workshops for children under 5 and their families. I would often finish each music session with a ‘story song’, using a picture book I made, singing a story with the children. A firm favourite was a song about a… Continue reading A Magical Train for a Magical Girl